Sunday, September 14, 2008


I really wanted to learn about and enjoy the Olympics with my kids but I just never got around to gathering up all the stuff and doing anything about it, so another great teaching opportunity gone. I don't feel too guilty though considering they happen twice every four years. Hopefully we will catch the next one.

But according to my sister Amber, I'm not allowed to overlook this year's Presidential election. It is a historical event either way. Either we will have our first black president or our first woman vice president. I know this is important. My brain just isn't geared up for planning and implementing lessons yet. But lucky for me and my kids, currclick is here to save the day. I was able to find a unit study that has everything all together for me. And the publishers A Journey Through Learning have gotten rave reviews on this particular unit study, nice plug huh...I should really get paid for these kinds of things, and all I had to do was download and print. Can't get much simplier than that.

So this is what we'll be doing for the next couple of weeks, along with a dinosaur lapbook, which we got for free from Homeschool Share . I'll be putting up picture of both as we do them. Well that's all I have for now folks. Love, Haben

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