Monday, February 16, 2009

What's your favorite Home Remedy?

I am a member of some really great yahoo groups. One of which is Natural Moms group. This is a place where moms can help each other out with anything natural. The other day I was asking advise on how to treat a sick baby at home. I got some wonderful responses back.

This got me thinking that maybe other moms would like to share their favorite home remedies. I would really like to know what other moms do at home to take care of their families.

I'll try to start the ball roll'n....
-My mom brought me up on Tissue Salts, they are totally homoeopathic and don't have any side affects that I know of [I would know because when I was little I would eat the whole bottle. I think this maybe one of the reasons I never get sick.].
-And I highly recommend Teething Tablets which are vary similar. When you are at the end of your rope at 2 o'clock in the morning, thinking your baby is never going to settle down and go to sleep, Teething Tablets work like a charm every time.

Ok so there's my secret weapons. I'd love to see what great knowledge the rest of you ladies have to share. Haben

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

We have been struggling to dam up the leaks in our budget for years now. And I am finally at a point where I am serious about doing something about it. I'm so tired of never having anything to show for the money my husband works so hard to make. I'm tired of our checking account being overdrawn. I'm tired of not having the money to buy new furniture when the hand-me-downs finally give out. I want to learn to save. I want to be satisfied with what I have, and I don't have to have alot. But I would like to have the money when I need it. Ok Ok I would like to be able to travel with my children. But other than that I can learn to do better. I've always thought I was thrifty, I shop sales and frequent thrift stores. But even doing those things can eat your money if you don't have a set limit on how much you allow yourself to spend. We think that just because it is a sale or at a yard sale we're getting a good deal, but I think our culture is so obsessed with getting a deal that we lose site of what is really important. So when is enough enough? Is it ok to not be able to pay our monthly bills as long as we get a great deal on that new flat screen tv that was marked down $200? Of course not but in the moment we're not thinking of the bills, all we're thinking about is how much we saved on the monster we just bought. Sorry I can get a little philosophical sometimes, but you have to admit that our priorities can get really screwed up sometimes.

So what can we do to change? IF you have any great advise for saving money let me hear it. I could really use the help!!!

I've never been able to go by a budget because my husband's income is constantly fluctuating. So I could use some advise here to.

Any one have any success with the envelope method of paying bills and saving for certain things?