Monday, February 9, 2009

We have been struggling to dam up the leaks in our budget for years now. And I am finally at a point where I am serious about doing something about it. I'm so tired of never having anything to show for the money my husband works so hard to make. I'm tired of our checking account being overdrawn. I'm tired of not having the money to buy new furniture when the hand-me-downs finally give out. I want to learn to save. I want to be satisfied with what I have, and I don't have to have alot. But I would like to have the money when I need it. Ok Ok I would like to be able to travel with my children. But other than that I can learn to do better. I've always thought I was thrifty, I shop sales and frequent thrift stores. But even doing those things can eat your money if you don't have a set limit on how much you allow yourself to spend. We think that just because it is a sale or at a yard sale we're getting a good deal, but I think our culture is so obsessed with getting a deal that we lose site of what is really important. So when is enough enough? Is it ok to not be able to pay our monthly bills as long as we get a great deal on that new flat screen tv that was marked down $200? Of course not but in the moment we're not thinking of the bills, all we're thinking about is how much we saved on the monster we just bought. Sorry I can get a little philosophical sometimes, but you have to admit that our priorities can get really screwed up sometimes.

So what can we do to change? IF you have any great advise for saving money let me hear it. I could really use the help!!!

I've never been able to go by a budget because my husband's income is constantly fluctuating. So I could use some advise here to.

Any one have any success with the envelope method of paying bills and saving for certain things?


Anonymous said...

my friend's blog has some really good tips on how she grocery shops, she has a family of 4 and only spends like 45 dollars a week on food. - she buys the food on sale and then makes a meal plan for the week off what she bought.

Haben said...

This is definitely very important. I've been trying to make meal plans and be a smarter shopper. Thanks

Kelly said...

Haben, we went to using cash only to pay for everything we possibly can. It has *really* helped - I have been amazed at how much less I spend when it is a "finite" amount of cash in my hand vs a check card that seems unlimited [though in reality it is very limited LOL!]. :)

I would recommend it as a great step for anyone who is trying to save.

We are in the same boat - we are thrifty but I still feel there is more we should be doing!