Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well, like I said in my last post I'm kinda keeping this blog as a record of what we do for home school. A way to show my accountability, I guess. But it's sort of a journal too. I get kinda obsessed with things though. Like I was only going to be on the computer for a few minutes, but I think it's taken more like a few hours. It's probably the "SHE" in me. Like that plug there Flyladies :) I really need to set the timer huh! LOL Ok! Ok! I haven't learned to organize my time yet. I've been struggling with this one my whole life. I think if I could only get up at a reasonable hour, I think I would be able to get more done. But then that would probably mean going to bed at a decent hour too. I need to recommit myself to the babysteps routine. I know, I know, I'm not behind, I'm... something else, huh I can't remember that part. Oh well it must be because my brain starts shutting down after 10 pm. I guess that's it for intelligent conversation tonight! Love ya, Haben

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Katie said...

Honey...your creative like me, that's what it is ;D